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Marxist foundations

This set of sessions will work through all of the most critical, fundamental questions for revolutionary socialists. It’s the perfect place to start for those new to Marxism.

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How class makes the world go round
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What does working-class power look like?
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Prisons, police and parliaments: understanding the capitalist state
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Handbook to revolution

These sessions are dedicated to studying key strategic questions posed by the process of revolution, and are recommended for people who have already established a foundational understanding of Marxism and revolutionary politics.

Australian history for radicals

The history of Australian capitalism has been one of exploitation, barbarity and imperialism. But on the other side, the working-class movement has a rich history of rebellion. These sessions will be a wonderful opportunity to really sink your teeth into some vital struggles which can give us lessons for today.

Free Palestine!

Marxism 2024 is hosting leading Palestine activists from Australia, the occupied territories and more to discuss the historic mass movement in support of Palestine.

Indigenous history and politics

Australian capitalism was built on the oppression of Aboriginal people. This was met with resistance at every step - from fighting against invasion in 1788, to demanding land rights, to the campaigns against Black deaths in custody today. This is an inspiration to anyone fighting the system, and raises important questions about how Indigenous liberation can be won.

Gender politics

Gender conditions every aspect of our lives. It affects how you're expected to work, talk, dress, live. But gender is not some innate, biological difference. It is itself constructed by the society in which we live. Come to this stream to talk about where gender and sexual oppression come from and how we can fight to end it.

Race and racism


The climate crisis has already begun. Scientists predict it will get far worse unless drastic action is taken. But despite all the talk of a transition to renewables, fossil fuels keep being burned like there's no tomorrow. This stream will explore why capitalism is destroying the planet and what it will take to solve it.

Class struggle in Australia

Fighting the far right

The last few years have seen a resurgence of fascist movements and the election of far-right governments in many parts of the world. These sessions will offer substantial discussions on the state of the far right today, theories of fascism and the histories and strategies of anti-fascist resistance.

History of modern capitalism

These talks will each focus on a key period of capitalism in the 20th century, understanding how crisis, class struggle and war have shaped and re-shaped the world system.

Fighting for housing

Housing, one of the most fundamental human needs, is commodified under capitalism; it therefore has always been a point of struggle and contention between bosses and workers. This stream will focus on both historical and contemporary battles over housing.

Understanding capitalism today

Capitalism is suffering from a series of unprecedented crises that are imperilling the very planet we live on. These sessions considers a wide variety of contemporary topics; from the nature of capitalism in China to how rising imperialist tensions are re-shaping world politics .

Anti-nuclear struggle

These sessions will focus on political questions raised by the renewed nuclear arms race and the threat it poses to humanity.

Movements that changed the world

All history is the history of class struggle- these sessions will focus on struggles that had an important and lasting impact on the world.

Lenin: 100 years on

2024 marks a century since the death of Vladimir Lenin, one of the most important figures on the revolutionary left, but also one of the most misrepresented. These sessions will address some of Lenin's most important contributions to revolutionary politics.

Party building

Revolutionaries have organised throughout history in many different ways, from small underground groups to mass parties. This stream will explore the histories and politics of a number of revolutionary groups and attempt to draw lessons for radicals organising today.

Revolutions across the decades

From Portugal to Syria, these sessions focus on different revolutions in history, uncovering the role of the working class in challenging regimes and discussing the debates these struggles raised among various political forces.

Marxist debates

These sessions focus on important theoretical questions that Marxists need to come to grips with. Recommended for people with some grounding in Marxist politics.

Rebuilding the revolutionary left

Faced with war, economic calamity and environmental crisis, the need for a socialist alternative to capitalism is more obvious than ever. This stream will feature guest speakers from across the world attempting to rebuild the revolutionary left today.

Revolutionary profiles

These sessions will address the life and work of important revolutionaries and assess their contribution to the socialist tradition.

Radical history

These sessions will look at some important Marxist history. From the Marxist Jewish tradition, through to historic interpretations of Marx, and social movements from a Marxist perspective.

Political history of things

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