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thurs 14 – sat 17 april
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Marxism 101

This set of sessions will work through all of the most critical, fundamental questions. It’s the perfect place to start for those new to Marxism.

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Climate crisis and capitalism
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Why we can't change the world through parliament
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Why workers are the revolutionary class
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Marxism vs Liberalism

Liberalism is the ultimate captialist ideology. Behind its supposed values of individual liberty and free speech is a defence of private property, class inequality and the capitalist market. And yet liberalism presents itself as an oppositional ideology to the status quo and the only alternative to right-wing conservatism. These sessions will provide a Marxist critique of liberalism and explore how liberal values from pacifism to charity work and academia are ultimately rooted in a worldview that fails to provide an understanding of the world we live in and what we need to do to change it for the better.

Contemporary Capitalism

Covid-19. The biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Rising inequality. Imperialist tensions. Climate change. The world captialist system has entered into a period of intense and drawn-out crisis. Across the globe governments are trying to preserve the status quo in the face of political polarisation, social fragmentation, hardening discontent and economic pressures. These sessions will unpack the turbulent changes of 21st capitalism. Understanding the world we live in is vital for developing strategies to overcome this crisis-ridden system.

Imperialism Today

Imperialist rivalries are reshaping the world in which we live and the threat this poses to human life couldn't be more serious. The US and China are engaged in an escalating dispute over the future of the hierarchy of nations, while slow burn issues of contention in the Mediterran, the Middle East, Africa and Asia are emerging from the shadows of the past. Understanding these inter-imperialist dynamics is vital for working out how the socialist left can respond to a tension filled world of rival nationalisms. These sessions will put forward provocative and insightful analysis of these dynamics and explain why building an internationalist working-class movement is more important than ever.

Rebel History

Insurgent movements for social change, rebellions and revolutions have shaped our world in uncountable ways. This history is not just the past. It's our history that deserves to be remembered, discussed and debated. These sessions will look at the heroism, politics and determination that motivated rebels and ask important questions about how people strove to change the world.. and how we can change it in the present.

Fighting the Right

These sessions are not just about understanding the far-right in history, but are curated to inspire and educate activists for the movement against the far-right today.

The Global Economy

The pandemic has laid bare the capitalist economy: one inevitably prone to crisis, that lets millions go hungry while billionaires become even richer. This stream will explore how existing cracks, combined with the disruption of the pandemic and rising imperialist tensions, are changing the course of the world economy.

Race and Racism

Racism is pervasive in capitalist society. State violence, endemic inequality and discrimination run through every aspect of life for racially oppressed groups. But like every injustice of capitalism, it also provokes inspiring resistance. This stream will explore how capitalism created racism, why it persists, and what it will take to end it for good.

Gender and Sexuality

Gender conditions every aspect of our lives. It affects how you're expected to work, talk, dress, live. But gender is not some innate, biological difference. It is itself constructed by the society in which we live. Come to this stream to talk about where gender and sexual oppression come from and how we can fight to end it.

Revolutionary Theory and Practice

This stream will explore key questions of revolutionary strategy. Does the working class still matter? Do we need a revolutionary party? What's the relationship between the fight for democratic rights and socialism? In a world wracked by crisis, with revolutions breaking out periodically in different countries, these are burning questions for radicals.

The Birth of Capitalism

"Capital", wrote Marx, comes into the world "dripping from head to foot, from every pore, with blood and dirt". The rise of capitalism overturned the whole stable feudal order - rapidly spreading across the world, sparking revolutions for democracy, and creating the working class - the force capable of ending capitalism and class society for good. Understanding the birth of capitalism is vital for socialists, because it shows how class struggle and revolution can fundamentally transform society.

Radical Aboriginal History

Australian capitalism was built on the oppression of Aboriginal people. This was met with resistance at every step - from fighting against invasion in 1788, to land rights, to the campaigns against Black deaths in custody today. This is not only an inspiration to anyone fighting the system, it raises important questions about how Aboriginal liberation can be won.

The Climate Crisis

The climate crisis has already begun. Scientists predict it will get far worse unless drastic action is taken. But despite all the talk of a transition to renewables, fossil fuels keep being burned like nothing is wrong. This stream will explore why capitalism is destroying the planet and what it's gonna take to solve it.

Art and Culture

These sessions will explore some of the great artists of history from a Marxist perspective, given by people with a wide knowledge and a passion for the subject.

World in Struggle

The last 12 months have seen a spectacular wave of protests and rebellions around the world. Enormous numbers of people came out on the streets for the first time. These sessions celebrate and study this wonderful explosion of popular resistance. Featuring special international guests, commentary from Marxist experts, these sessions provide an insight that you can't find anywhere eles.

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