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28 – 31 March

Skyrocketing inequality and unaffordable housing; wildfires, floods and other climate havoc; the growth of a racist, sexist, transphobic far right – these are just some of the crises that ordinary people face under capitalism today.

The system is rigged for the rich and powerful. We desperately need an alternative.

As Australia’s biggest annual anti-capitalist gathering, the Marxism Conference is an essential opportunity for the socialist left to learn, discuss and organise.

Your guide to Marxism 2024

Marxism 2024 is held in central Melbourne over the Easter long weekend, Thursday 28 March – Sunday 31 March.

With more than 100 sessions over three days, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re brand new to socialist ideas or a seasoned activist. The program is divided into core themes which touch on the key issues affecting our world today.

Marxism 2024 is an international conference, with discussions about crisis and resistance from around the world. It will host guest speakers from Argentina, France, Kenya, Pakistan, USA, China, Syria, Portugal, UK, Indonesia and Greece.

Crowd at Marxism 2023A huge turnout for the closing night session at Marxism 2023
A presentation on Russian revolutionary cinemaA presentation on Russian revolutionary cinema by RMIT film lecturer and union activist Liam Ward (Marxism 2023)
Hanging out during the lunch breakHanging out during the lunch break at Marxism 2023
Discussion from the floorDiscussion from the floor on why capitalism can't solve climate change (Marxism 2022)
Book signing by co-editor Sandra BloodworthBook signing by co-editor Sandra Bloodworth at the launch of an updated edition of 'Rebel Women in Australian Working Class History' (Marxism 2022)
Browsing the bookstoreBrowsing the bookstore at Marxism 2022
Legendary Aboriginal activist and historian Gary FoleyLegendary Aboriginal activist and historian Gary Foley speaking on the 50th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy (Marxism 2022)
Hearing from an activist in the Amazon Labor UnionHearing from an activist in the Amazon Labor Union, a rank-and-file union which successfully organised an Amazon warehouse in the US for the first time (Marxism 2022)
Hanging out between sessionsHanging out between sessions at Marxism 2022's seaside venue
Student socialist Anneke DemanueleStudent socialist Anneke Demanuele delivering an inspiring pitch for why we need more socialists to get active today (Marxism 2021)
A packed hallA packed hall for an all-in evening session at Marxism 2021, held at Melbourne's Meat Market festival hall
Lively discussion from the floorLively discussion from the floor at Marxism 2019
A packed theatreA packed theatre for the session on the lessons of Corbynism and Brexit in the UK (Marxism 2019)
The massive radical bookstoreThe massive radical bookstore at Marxism 2019
Young militants from the National Union of WorkersYoung militants from the National Union of Workers speaking about their efforts to organise and fight for better conditions in a Melbourne call centre (Marxism 2019)
Former Greens senator Lee RhiannonFormer Greens senator Lee Rhiannon on a panel discussing resistance to the genocide carried out by Sri Lanka against the Tamil minority
Meeting other left-wingersMeeting other left-wingers at Marxism 2019
LGBTI+ activist Liz RossLong-time socialist and LGBTI+ activist Liz Ross speaking on the historical role played by the left in the gay liberation movement of the 20th century
Hanging out during the morning breakHanging out during the morning break at Marxism 2019
Safe Schools co-founder Roz WardSafe Schools co-founder Roz Ward on the history of the Anti-Nazi League in Britain (Marxism 2018)
US socialist Haley Pessin'Eyewitness to resisting Trump': US socialist Haley Pessin speaking at Marxism 2017
Cathy Lewis introducing a panelCathy Lewis introducing a panel of international guests at a session on resisting the far right (Marxism 2019)
Session at Marxism 2016Session at Marxism 2016 on the history of the militant Builders Labourers Federation
Irish socialist Eamonn McCannIrish socialist Eamonn McCann speaking on the civil rights struggle in Ireland (Marxism 2015)

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