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What do Marxists say about degrowth communism?

2:15pm Sat 30 Mar

About this session

The concept of "degrowth" has in recent years received greater attention as a framework for developing a serious response to climate change. Theories of degrowth argue that environmental destruction is inherent to societies organised for economic growth, and that resolving ecological crisis requires the restructuring of society to implement a contraction of economic production and consumption.

This session will present a Marxist engagement with degrowth theorists, evaluating the extent to which it may or may not be a positive contribution to Marxism as a theory of working-class revolution.

Recommended Reading

Thinking about ecology with Marx – A review of Kohei Saito’s "Marx in the Anthropocene"by Dougal McNeillin Red Flag
Marx in the Anthropocene: Towards the Idea of Degrowth Communismby Kohei Saito
Karl Marx’s “degrowth communism”?by Padraic Gibson and Martin Empsonin International Socialism
Degrowth: A responseby John Molyneuxin Rupture
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