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The civil rights movement and the struggle against Jim Crow

2:15pm Sat 30 Mar

About this session

From sit-ins to urban rebellions, the movements for Civil Rights and Black Power saw explosive struggles that rocked the foundations of the American state and the racism which is it is built upon. This inspiring and radical period continues to be an important reference point for anti-racist activists today. With the emergence Black Lives Matter, there has been a renewed interest in the lessons from this history. This session will explore the development of these movements and the political debates which coloured this high point of anti-racist revolt in the United States.

Recommended Reading

Roots of the Civil Rights Movement from Black Liberation and Socialismby Ahmed Shawki
Race, Class and the Civil Rights Movementby Jack Bloom
Bearing the Cross: Martin Luther King Jr and the Southern Christian Leadership Conferenceby David J Garrow
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