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José Carlos Mariátegui and the origins of Latin American Marxism

4:15pm Sun 31 Mar

About this session

José Carlos Mariátegui was a key figure in Latin American Marxism. Although he died in 1930 at the age of just thirty-five, he reinterpreted Marxism for the continent, helped build Peru’s first working-class organizations, and challenged the development of reformism in the Communist International. This talk will appraise his life and work.

Recommended Reading

A South American revolutionary: Jose Carlos Mariátegui and Peruvian socialismby Tom O'Lincolnin Socialist Review
In the Red Corner: The Marxism of José Carlos Mariátegui [book]by Mike Gonzalez
Selected Works of Jose Carlos Mariategui [book], Edited, Translated, & Introduced by Christian Noakes
The World Crisis and the Peruvian Proletariatby José Carlos Mariáteguiin History of the World Crisis
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