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From military revolt to factory occupations: the 50th anniversary of the Portuguese Revolution

7:00pm Sat 30 Mar

About this session

The Movement of the Armed Forces in Portugal lead a military coup in 1974 which unleashed a mass revolutionary movement. Workers struck in huge numbers, with political and anti-fascist demands. Occupations of government housing projects took place as part of a radical mass movement.

Workers, soldiers and peasants organised for “Popular Power”; which involved working class control of factories, co-ops in agriculture and networks of revolutionary soldiers. Important divisions emerged within the army between rank and file soldiers and officers. The revolution defeated the fascist regime and pushed back Portuguese colonialism. But the social revolution was contained and wound back. This session will explore the hopes and failures of the Portuguese Revolution, with special guest speaker Raquel Varela, author of A People's' History of Portugal.

Recommended Reading

A People's History of the Portuguese Revolutionby Raquel Verala
Workers’ ‘Portugal 1974-75: popular power’by Colin Barker (ed)in Revolutionary Rehearsals
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