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thurs 14 – sat 17 april
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Capitalism and cities: a critique of David Harvey's theory of urban development

4:15pm Sat 30 Mar

About this session

When it comes to a socialist analysis of cities, David Harvey is a towering figure, with decades of influential writing on the subject. He offers a searing critique of how our urban environments are shaped by the priorities of capitalism, and champions urban rebellions.

However, his analysis rests on a problematic reading of Marxism and capitalist crisis, and an approach to anti-capitalist resistance which takes us away from working class struggle, in favour of more ill-defined and ultimately ineffective struggles over space. This session will offer a critique of Harvey and an alternative Marxist approach.

Recommended Reading

David Harvey’s theory of uneven geographical development: A Marxist critique, Capital & Classby Raju J Das
Social Justice and the City: Revised Editionby David Harvey
The urbanization of capital : studies in the history and theory of capitalist urbanizationby David Harvey
Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolutionby David Harvey
David Harvey's Theory of Accumulation by Dispossession: A Marxist Critiqueby Raju J Dasin World Review of Political Economy
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