Sunday 4:15pm

Why racism is a class issue

Hosted by the Victorian Socialists

Opposition to racism is often portrayed as largely a moral stance, far removed from the so called “bread and butter” issues that supposedly make up the mainstream of working class life and struggle.

In contrast, participants on this panel argue that tackling racism is an essential part of any project that wants to take working class people forward.


The National Union of Workers’ food and farm worker organising campaigns have proved in practice that it’s possible, as well as necessary, to organise workers across divisions of nationality, language, and visa status. NUW members from these campaigns will join us for this panel discussion.

Aran Mylvaganam is president of the Tamil Refugee Council, and a union organiser in the finance sector

Emma Dook is a long time socialist, an activist in the Independent Education Union, and was Victorian Socialists candidate in Yuroke (in the northern suburbs of Melbourne), in the 2018 state election.


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Ryan Stanton, Farm workers fight wage theft, 19 November 2018

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