Saturday 4:15pm

Upsetting the status quo: the Victorian Socialists


There hasn’t been a socialist electoral campaign on the scale of the Victorian state election in November 2018 in Australian living memory. In eight weeks, 95,000 doors were knocked, 300,000 homes were letterboxed and 15,000 posters were put up. Commuters at every train station in the northern suburbs were repeatedly leafleted by Victorian Socialists campaigners.

During the early voting period, Victorian Socialists campaigners outnumbered all other parties at many of the outer northern suburbs early voting centres, and came close to matching Labor and the Greens in the hotly contested inner city booths. On election day, 700 volunteers helped staff the 154 polling booths across the Northern Metropolitan region.

It was by any measure an extraordinary grassroots mobilisation for a small political party that was registered only in June 2018, winning up to 9.5% of the vote in some areas and over 4% in the Northern Metro electorate.

Come to this session to discuss this extraordinary campaign and the next steps for the Victorian Socialists.

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