Sunday 4:15pm

The Workers Party of Brazil: from radical hopes to embracing neo-liberalism


The Workers Party (PT) was born out of explosive working class struggles under the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil in the 1970s and early 1980s. It inspired incredible hopes in the possibility of a socialist transformation of society. This talk will look at how those hopes were subsequnelty shattered as its leadership capitulated in government to a thoroughly neo-liberal agenda.


David Beecham and Ann Eidenham, Beyond the mass strike: class, party and trade union struggle in Brazil, International Socialism 36, Autumn 1967.

The experience of building DS and the PT, from 1979 to the first Lula government,

The Brazilian left at the crossroads,

The Brazilian Left, Lula, Rousseff, and the PT Establishment in Power,

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