Saturday 7:15pm

The war is a money making show: class conflict in Australia during world war two


There is a dominant, patriotic narrative of the war which conceals a much more contested history. Internationally, the notion of the democratic allies against Nazi Germany, is a self serving idea which the evidence disproves. Domestically, it was a time of great social change. Almost a million men served in the Australian armed forces, leaving a huge vacuum of employment that women flooded into. Their very lack of long-term union tradition made it difficult for union officials to control them and they fought mightily for equal wages and conditions. This session attempts to showcase the women and men, workers and sometimes soldiers, who would not be quietened by war hysteria and nationalism, and whose fighting spirit is embodied by the women metalworkers who were told to go back to work like “the boys in the trenches” and shouted back: “We know all about our boys in the trenches … they’re our husbands and sons.”

Tom O’Lincoln - **Into the Mainstream ******

Jeff Sparrow - Popular resistance during WW2****

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