Saturday 2:15pm

The popular front, class collaboration and lesser evilism


The idea of a broad cross class alliance or popular front to supposedly achieve progressive social change is entrenched amongst large sections of the reformist, liberal and Stalinist left.

This talk offers a critique of the disastrous role popular frontist politics have historically played in undermining working class struggle. It looks at the way these ideas have been revived today in the form of lesser evilism and offers a Marxist alternative.


Marx and Engels, Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League (March 1850)

Parvus, “What was accomplished on the 9th of January” in Richard B Day and Daniel Gaido (eds) Wintnesses to Permanent Revolution

Tony Cliff, Trotsky 1927-1940. The darker the night the brigther the star, chapters 9 and 11.

Jacques Danos and Marcel Gibelin, June ‘36 Class struggle and the popular front in France

Tom Kemp, Stalinism in France, Chapters 5-7

Mitchell Abidor, Assessing Leon Blum,

Charlie Post, The popular front: Rethinking CPUSA history

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