Saturday 10:00am

The myth of the persecuted white South African


“It’s an horrific circumstance that they face and Australia has…the potential to help some of these people that are being persecuted.” Unlikely as it might seem, this is a quote from Peter Dutton. He was referring though, not to the countless individuals fleeing persecution around the world, or those luckless individuals rotting in Australian detention, but to white South Africans! Symbols of apartheid and racial hierarchy, white South Africans have become a cause célèbre for thousands of conservatives in Australia racing to protect them from ‘white genocide’ and offer sanctuary while they campaign to close the borders to those, non-white, people who are genuinely in need.

Jason Wilson - White farmers: how the far-right idea was planted in Donald Trump’s mind****

Evie Fairbanks - **Trust me, Mr President, White South African farmers are doing just fine ******

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