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Revolutionaries and the colonial world: The 1920 Baku People's Congress of the East

10:00am Sun 09 Apr

About this session

The Congress of the Peoples of the East was a multinational conference held in September 1920 by the Communist International in Baku, Azerbaijan. The congress was attended by nearly 1,900 delegates from across Asia and Europe and marked a commitment by the Comintern to support revolutionary nationalist movements in the colonial "East" in addition to the traditional radical labour movement of Europe, North America, and Australasia. It was the first attempt to appeal to the exploited and oppressed peoples in the colonial and semi-colonial countries to carry forward their revolutionary struggles under the banner of Marxism and with the support of the workers in Russia and the advanced countries of the world. This session will detail the wonderful history of this congress as well as explore the many debates that raged throughout. WE RECOMMEND PAIRING THIS SESSION WITH: 'Debates in the Comintern: The National Question' or any of the sessions in the Debates in the Comintern Stream.

Recommended Reading

The Baku Congress of 1920 Sounded the Call for the End of Empireby John Riddell
To See The Dawn: Baku, 1920: First Congress of the Peoples of the Eastby John Riddellin Pathfinder Books
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