easter weekend
thurs 14 – sat 17 april
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Hard boiled: Marxism and crime fiction

2:15pm Sun 09 Apr

About this session

The world’s a dangerous place. The news is full of reports about criminal behaviour, police and politicians' responses. And it’s complemented by the crime-heavy menu of popular entertainment, books, TV series and movies. There is detective fiction that intersects with a huge range of milieux and interests: settings in just about any part of the world from Iceland to Botswana; US Black and immigrant, Australian Aboriginal and immigrant experiences; mathematics; bird watching and there’s even a multi-authored Christian, bird watching series with 27 titles. Then there are works in which crims are the main characters, from The Godfather to Sopanos, Power, and Yellowstone on screen.

What’s the history and appeal of crime fiction? How does it affect social attitudes? And how successful have attempts at socialist subversion of the genre been?

Recommended Reading

Socialist detectivesby Chris Harman
Delightful Murderby Ernest Mandel
Lots of crime fiction books and video
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