easter weekend
thurs 14 – sat 17 april
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Working class environmentalism: from the campaign against uranium to opposing toxic waste dumps

2:15pm Fri 07 Apr

About this session

The coal lobby and their friends in parliament would have you believe that what is good for fossil fuel bosses is also what is good for the working class. Environmentalists often also claim that the consumption of ordinary people is the greatest enemy of the planet. But history proves that mass social movements with a base in the working class are not only possible, but a powerful force in pressing for meaningful environmental reforms. Drawing on historical and contemporary examples, this session will present the case for working class environmentalism as essential in building a movement that can fight to save the planet.

Recommended Reading

Working-Class Environmentalismby Tom O'Lincolnin Years of Rage: Social Conflicts in the Fraser Era
The Movement Against Uranium Miningby Sandra Bloodworthin Red Flag
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