easter weekend
thurs 14 – sat 17 april
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Book launch: "Rebel Women" – with authors Liz Ross, Janey Stone and Sandra Bloodworth

3:30am Sat 16 Apr

About this session

Radical publisher Interventions has produced a lavishly illustrated new edition of this classic text, Rebel Women in Australian Working Class History. An indispensable resource for socialist activists in Australia, it presents inspiring stories of the women of Broken Hill fighting strike breakers with axes and broom handles, through militancy during the depression and World War II to strikes by white collar workers, nurses and immigrant textile workers in the 1970s and 80s. The book uncovers and draws political lessons from these stories to show how working class women have joined with men as active agents in their own right. The new introduction by socialist author Liz Ross discusses the importance of this history in the ongoing struggle for women's liberation and workers' rights, and in particular, its relevance for socialists. Janey Stone, a contributing author of Rebel Women and founder of Interventions, will introduce the book alongside Liz Ross and the editor Sandra Bloodworth at Marxism this year. Do not miss out on this special event.

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