Friday 4:15pm

PANEL: Being a socialist workplace agitator

Organising workers

We all want to revive our unions – but what does that mean concretely? What can radicals do to build our unions and radical politics at a workplace level? Join this special panel discussion, led by a team of socialist agitators from a variety of workplaces.

Alma Torlakovic is a delegate with the National Tertiary Education Union at the University of Sydney. Alma has played a leading role in major enterprise agreement campaigns, campaigns over job cuts, and small but vital battles over management’s supposed “right” to dictate the minutae of our working lives.

Cat Rose is a delegate with the National Union of Workers in a major Sydney warehouse. Cat and her workmates rebuilt the union from a small minority to over 50% of the workforce, taking industrial action as part of a national campaign.

Paul Coats is an Australian Education Union delegate in an Adelaide government school. As well as the ups and downs of an enterprise agreement campaign, Paul will take us through how a socialist charts a principled course through the many thorny issues that a rep has to navigate at a school level.


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