Saturday 10:00am

Out, proud and fighting: the left in Australian Gay Liberation

Resistance stories

The left has a proud history of fighting for LGBTI liberation but much of it is left out of mainstream accounts. Join veteran of the gay liberation movement Liz Ross for first hand stories of resistance and struggle.


Liz Ross. Love’s coming of age. The early Socialist and Communist Parties and sexuality in Australia.

Liz Ross Revolution is for us. The left and Gay Liberation. Interventions. 2013

Hannah Dee. The red in the rainbow. Bookmarks 2010

Sherry Wolf. Sexuality and socialism. Haymarket 2009

Beverley Symons and Rowan Cahill, eds. A turbulent decade 1965-1975.

Gregory Carleton. Sexual revolution in Bolshevik Russia. University of Pittsburgh Press 2005

David Carter. Stonewall: the riots that sparked the gay revolution. St Martin’s Press 2004

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