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thurs 14 – sat 17 april
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How the Battle of Seattle ignited a movement for global justice

11:45am Sun 31 Mar

About this session

On 30 November 1999, tens of thousands besieged a meeting of the World Trade Organisation in Seattle. Facing down riot cops firing tear gas, workers and activists raged against the calamities wrought by the free-market fundamentalist brand of capitalism known as neoliberalism: exploitation, third-world debt and environmental destruction. The protests gave a boost to an emerging global justice movement that provided a focus for a revived international left in opposition to neoliberal capitalism. This talk will examine the impact of the Seattle and the politics of the global "anti-capitalist" movement which followed in its wake and ignited politics and protest across the world, from Greece to Australia.

Recommended Reading

Seattle and the Global Justice Struggleby Lee Sustarin Socialist Worker
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