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thurs 14 – sat 17 april
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Resistance fighters and revolutionaries: the radical Jewish tradition

2:00am Fri 15 Apr

About this session

On 19 April 1943, the inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto rose up against the Nazis, led by an alliance of communists and socialists. Zionists try to appropriate this event for their politics, but in fact socialists had played a leading role in the Jewish working class for over 60 years. In tsarist Russia, militant trade unionists and socialists fought the bosses and pogroms. The tradition continued in London’s East End and in the New York clothing industry before WW1. In the interwar years the famous Cable Street protest in London coincided with self defence against pogroms in Poland. Janey Stone will talk about this little known history, showing that the fight against exploitation and anti-Semitism are historically class issues that cannot be separated.

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Jewish resistance to Nazi barbarismby Janey Stone
Fighting the Beastby Colin Sparks
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