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thurs 14 – sat 17 april
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Never say there's only death for you:Jewish resistance in world war two

4:15pm Fri 07 Apr

About this session

Come along to this session to hear from Jewish socialist historian Janey Stone.

Most people know about the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, but otherwise there is a widespread belief that Jews in Nazi occupied Europe, went like “sheep to the slaughter” to the extermination camps.

However this is not the case. Jews fought back in all ways open to them – smuggling children to safety, producing illegal underground publications, gathering weapon, forging documents and hiding records. They were supported by mostly women couriers, who travelled across the country in disguise as non-Jews at great risk. Many cities had underground resistance movements and uprisings occurred in ghettos and concentration camps. In addition many Jewish partisan groups fought in the forests.

The Warsaw Ghetto uprising itself can only be understood in this general context of a widespread will to resistance and efforts to remain human beings in the most terrible of circumstances.

This unmissable session will both inspire and devastate.

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