easter weekend
thurs 14 – sat 17 april
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Eyewitness to Free Derry 1969-1972

10:00am Sat 08 Apr

About this session

Derry in Northern Ireland in 1968 saw one of the most momentous struggles against sectarianism and British rule. After civil rights demonstrators were brutally attacked, working class people in Derry errected blockades and created a 'Free zone' (subsequently known as Free Derry). Protestant Loyalists and police were kept out. Inside Free Derry an experiment in working class control began. Come and hear from one of the leaders of this struggle, Eamonn McCann.

Recommended Reading

War in an Irish Townby Eamonn McCannin Pluto Press
When Derry dared to revolt against British imperialismby Simon Basketterin Socialist Worker
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