easter weekend
thurs 14 – sat 17 april
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Environmental NGOs: getting paid to preserve the system

4:15pm Fri 07 Apr

About this session

For many outraged by the environmental devastation wrought by capitalism, volunteering or working for a non-governmental organization (NGO) can appear as a way to contribute to social and political change. In reality, many of such organisations refuse to take necessary action and instead help to greenwash corporations and political parties. Though many may claim to be 'apolitical', what this often means is that they are unwilling to challenge the status quo. And as Arundhati Roy wrote, in pulling people away from radical resistance, NGO work becomes counterposed to any real resistance movement; "The NGO-ization of politics threatens to turn resistance into a well-mannered, reasonable, salaried, 9-to-5 job... Real resistance has real consequences. And no salary."

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