Sunday 2:15pm

Debates around revolution and the environment

Save the Planet!

The drive for profit at the heart of capitalist production inevitably crosses biophysical thresholds - climate change caused by rising CO2 is one of them. Major systemic changes are needed to our economic system to avoid catastrophe. The effects of climate change already being felt intensify existing fault-lines and class antagonisms in society, triggering new conflicts and resistance. This should influence our strategy for building a working class movement capable of forcing the change needed to stabilise temperatures. From the range of strategies (direct action against emissions, alliances with First Nations to protect land and water, divestment, ‘autonomous’ zones, elections, salvage/survival, scientific advocacy, ‘New Deals’, ‘just transition’) which should socialist revolutionaries adopt to give us the best shot of winning against the fossil capitalists?


Naomi Klein: This Changes Everything

“it’s not about carbon—it’s about capitalism. The convenient truth is that we can seize this existential crisis to transform our failed economic system and build something radically better.”

Andreas Malm: Revolutionary Strategy in a Warming World

“ Can the climate movement grow by several orders of magnitude, gather progressive forces around it and develop some viable strategy for projecting its aims through the state — all within a relevant time frame in this rapidly warming world? “

Keith Brower Brown, Jeremy Gong Matt Huber Jamie Munro: A real green new deal means class struggle. Jacobin. 21/3/2019

“The potentially transformative political capacity of the working class is the only force capable of saving us from climate catastrophe.”

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