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thurs 14 – sat 17 april
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A Marxist critique of settler colonial theory

11:45am Sat 30 Mar

About this session

For many on the left, it is an article of faith that Australia is still a settler-colonial society and that this is the reason why anti-Indigenous racism remains so pervasive. However, by arguing that all non-Indigenous people in Australia are “settlers”, involved in jointly exploiting Indigenous people, these theorists attribute the continuation of Indigenous oppression to the population as a whole rather than Australian capitalism and those who run it. This talk will explore the pitfalls of this analysis, drawing attention to how it obscures the role that capitalism plays in reinforcing racism and how it has had a disorienting impact on developing strategies and movements to combat racism. Speaker: Jordan Humphreys is a socialist activist and the author of Indigenous Liberation & Socialism (Red Flag Books). He has written widely on Indigenous history and politics.

Recommended Reading

Chapter 3 "pitfalls of settler colonial theory" from Indigenous Liberation & Socialismby Jordan Humphreys
The World Turned Outside In: Settler Colonial Studies and Political Economyby Jack Daviesin Historical Materialism
The Routledge Handbook of the History of Settler Colonialismby Edward Cavanagh, Lorenzo Veracini (eds)
Settler Colonialism: An Introductionby Sai Englert
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