easter weekend
thurs 14 – sat 17 april
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Highlights from previous conferences

#blacklivesmatter and police racism

Khury Peterson-Smith

Doesn’t Marxism work in theory but not in practise?

Declan Murphy

Festival of the oppressed: a celebration of 1917

Sandra Bloodworth

Green capitalism: the god that failed

Michael Kandelaars

The modern working class

Kath Larkin

The politics of politeness

Steph Price

Populism and the rise of the political outsider

Rick Kuhn

Whiteness theory: a Marxist critique

Vinil Kumar

Marxism 101: Gender and Sexuality

Tess Dimos

A revolutionary primer to Russia 1917

Daniel Taylor

Red Petrograd in 1917 How the Bolsheviks Led the Revolution

Colleen Bolger

Class structure and agency: the Australian working class in the 21st century

Tom Bramble

Did Lenin lead to Stalin?

Kostas Rologas

Key Texts of Marxism The Communist Manifesto

Michael Kandelaars

Class or sect - Politics in the modern Middle East

Omar Hassan

While down the craters the morning burns - WWI anti-war poets

Dougal McNeill

Islamophobia and the fallacy of progressive secularism

Mick Armstrong

Free Derry - the struggle for civil rights in Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s

Eamonn Mccann

Three Union Revivals

Jerome Small

Early Japanese women communists

Shomi Yoon
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