easter weekend
thurs 14 – sat 17 april
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Highlights from previous conferences

#blacklivesmatter and police racism

Khury Peterson-Smith

Doesn’t Marxism work in theory but not in practise?

Declan Murphy

Festival of the oppressed: a celebration of 1917

Sandra Bloodworth

Green capitalism: the god that failed

Michael Kandelaars

The modern working class

Kath Larkin

The politics of politeness

Steph Price

Populism and the rise of the political outsider

Rick Kuhn

Whiteness theory: a Marxist critique

Vinil Kumar

Marxism 101: Gender and Sexuality

Tess Dimos

A revolutionary primer to Russia 1917

Daniel Taylor

Red Petrograd in 1917 How the Bolsheviks Led the Revolution

Colleen Bolger

Class structure and agency: the Australian working class in the 21st century

Tom Bramble

Did Lenin lead to Stalin?

Kostas Rologas

Key Texts of Marxism The Communist Manifesto

Michael Kandelaars

Class or sect - Politics in the modern Middle East

Omar Hassan

While down the craters the morning burns - WWI anti-war poets

Dougal McNeill

Islamophobia and the fallacy of progressive secularism

Mick Armstrong

Free Derry - the struggle for civil rights in Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s

Eamonn Mccann

Three Union Revivals

Jerome Small

Early Japanese women communists

Shomi Yoon

Rank and file rebellion in the Pilbara - the Robe River dispute

Graeme Haynes & Liz Ross
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